About Me

I’m a passionate self-shooting film maker with experience of producing and directing brand films, television commercials and social media content.

I am London based and have experience of leading both domestic and international productions.

I have experience of developing content for both UK and global audiences.

I enjoy being very hands on, working closely with my clients, be they direct relationships with brands “in-house”, within production companies and creative agencies, as well as running independent productions.

I have a breadth of experience in creative development, scriptwriting, shooting and directing, as well as comprehensive experience of planning and organising productions throughout the lifecycle of a film.  

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Key Skills

  • Full, clean driving licence. 

  • Self shooting producer with solid experience of using the Canon C300, C100, 5D and 7D; the Sony FS7, Panasonic GH5s and GoPro cameras.

  • Directed and produced shoots with Arri Alexa, Arri Alexa Mini, Red Epic, Red Dragon, Sony FS7 and Canon C200 cameras. 

  • Experienced scriptwriter as well as in developing ideas and concepts for videos, treatments, proposals, storyboards and shot lists. Creative thinker.

  • Experienced Production Manager. Solid understanding of shoot logistics and all relevant documentation.

  • Proficient video editor with solid experience of using Adobe Premiere. 

  • Experienced Edit Producer. Frequently manage teams of editors, colourists, visual effects artists and sound designers.

  • Experienced in casting and working with name talent, social media influencers and extras. Frequently liaise with agents and contract development and negotiation. 

  • Proficient with Microsoft Project, Basecamp, Smartsheet, Tom’s Planner, Traffic Live and JIRA. 

  • Excellent knowledge of budgeting software such as Paprika and Microsoft Excel.

Kit list available on request.