“CORNERBOY” - 2019

Cornerboy stars Josh Herdman as Tommy Tyler, a bruiser of an MMA fighter gearing up for the biggest fight of his career. His meticulous pre-fight preparations are thrown off kilter by a seemingly innocent schoolboy, played by Michael Jordan.

I directed Cornerboy in April 2019 after penning the script in late 2018.

I’m a real sport lover and I’ve always been interested in the psychology of athletes, particularly how they develop their confidence and “self image”. I was keen to explore how ones self image is formed and how the lens through which one views “the self” changes through personal experiences; all amplified by the hypercritical glare of modern media.

It was great to work with Josh and Michael who had a great dynamic on set. They both really brought a lot of colour to Tommy and the Boy, above and beyond what I originally wrote in the script. 

*Cornerboy is currently in post-production will be completed in late 2019 for festival submission.

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